Dales Furniture Centre

“Thanks to all at Moving Distance for your expert handling of our relocation. We anticipated a great deal of disruption and potential product damage when we first set out to plan our move, but the Moving Distance team made the whole process effortless with NO damage costs incurred.

From the offset, you offered us the option to pack and store; spreading the transitional period over a number of months, or, as we actually decided to do in the end, we moved in one short swift period, something we could have only considered if we were assured of a professional operation with the focus on logistics being of paramount importance.

We were particularly impressed in the way you re-located our IT system, which we needed at the very end of the occupancy of the old location, whilst being of the utmost importance for the new premises and its early installation, this you carried out with little if any daily disruption, something we could never have successfully planned and carried out without your experience.

So once again, from all at Dales Furniture Store, thank you, and we will definitely be recommending you to others should they be considering re-locating.”

Mr J. Heaney, Managing Director

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