Furniture Installation

Furniture Installation Services, Office Movers & Office Furniture Relocation

For all but the most modest project, Moving Distance Services use computer aided design technology to create logistical floor plans to help with the Furniture Installation Service of the new location. This enables us to work with you to create a new and productive working environment for your staff.

Using our Office Furniture Movers we can assess your current and future requirements, ensuring optimum use of space. We will plan the Office Furniture Relocation of existing furniture and specify any additional items required. If required, we can use our specialist knowledge to assist in the selection, acquisition and installation of new furniture and fixtures.


Under the direction of your personal project manager, our team will dismantle your furniture, re-erecting everything at the new location in accordance with our carefully prepared plans. Once the relocation is complete, we will endeavour to help you settle into your new environment. If your circumstances change in the future, we are available to re-adjust your office layouts as required.

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